Re-new + Re-cycle + Re-purpose = Resilience

A few things about us.

If you met us us at the flea market or local event. THANK YOU for visiting.
Your support is truly appreciated.
— Sharon & Jordyn
 Read our story

Read our story

The first thing you need to know about us is that we DO NOT have a one location Brick & Mortar storefront. (Maybe someday?) We DO bring various items we have on our online storefront to events, flea markets, and locations on the east coast, primarily Northeast Pennsylvania, Southern-Tier of New York State and other locations as they come up.

  • We created our Jemslylove Events Calendar. This will allow us to share what we are up too and where we plan to be. Be the first to see the treasures.  Stay connected and sign up for our Jemsly Treasures Newsletter. 
  • Keep in mind that if you find an item we have listed under Jemsly Treasures and you wish to see it. We will gladly bring it with us to an event IF it happens to be one near you. Take a look and contact us.
  • We primarily work from home especially during the school year. (August thru June)

Our storefront is our website. We are real, living, breathing people trying to rebuild our lives. We are currently selling items that we have on-hand, these are treasures. Antiques, Vintage items and other items we have collected through the years or purchased new, gently used or sometimes collected from flea markets, estate auctions and yard sales. We are "liquidating" our stash of Jewelry, Clothes, etc. and using the funds to finance our ultimate goal, a sustainable business.

This is completely bootstrapped. It has been slow to get going. We have accomplished one piece of the puzzle at a time but we have faith that we eventually have the products and services available We create and source fun, creative, functional and useful items for individuals and businesses.

If your joining us because you are interested in our Antiques, Vintage and General items we have for sale. That is fine with us. It is your purchases that will help us get life started again. Please keep in touch. Sign up for our "Treasures" newsletter. 


If your interested in learning more about How and Why this started, just continue reading.

When I first became sick. I had intermittent symptoms. As my symptoms increased in intensity, my first instinct was to take a hard look at my lifestyle. I was mid- 30's I was aging and I had physical careers and a physical lifestyle. Why did I feel so bad? Why am I so tired? Was this an allergy? Was my body fighting something I had come in contact with? Was this created by something I had introduced to my body through my mouth, my skin? I wondered if I was just getting old. I had always eaten healthy but I had pre-packaged items, loved chocolate chip cookies and snacks in my diet. So, I removed them and I made changes to help heal myself and to rule out any and every potential reason for the way I felt. I started from scratch and kept a journal.

I am glad I did, I was confident that these changes allowed me to feel better even before I had an official diagnosis. My story could have taken a much different path.
— Sharon

"ALL of my discoveries about "Lyme Disease", "Tick- Borne Diseases", "Co-infections" and basically ANY "Disease" and "Illness"  led to me to creating change for myself and my family. It began with "What we put in our mouths" and then products "We applied to our skin." We began to change our purchase habits. We had to alter, adapt and adjust our lifestyle and home. I was on a mission to find safer, natural, organic clean alternatives for our home, for myself and my family.

We have links at the bottom of this page to read out story and learn more about Tick Borne Diseases

We combined ALL we learned and decided to apply this knowledge Jordyn and I both like to scriblle, paint and do DIY projects. We decided to figure out how we could share our our artwork and designs by adding it t-shirts we could wear or use in our own home with confidence. Reducing our exposure to the toxic chemicals from our clothing. Our first project was a Lyme Disease Awareness design.

  • Have you ever really thought about how a simple t-shirt is made?
  • Where the cotton or polyester comes from?
  • What is RPET or recycled polyester?

I know I didn't, I never gave it a thought. It wasn't until I started looking at what was in skin care products, laundry soap, bug repellent, and various other goods. Check out our resources at the bottom of this page for more information

That was when we decided to go against the status quo, the grain, by creating something better for us and the environment.

  1. If I choose to eat home grown or locally grown raised organically grown fruits & vegetables...Why don't I wear it?
    • See the Dirty Dozen of 2018 A shoppers guide to Pesticides in Produce. Provided by The Environmental Working Group-
  2. If I choose to apply chemical free skincare products because I have learned what certain chemicals have been proven to be associated with various illnesses?
    • if you don't believe me just do a search: "chemicals in skincare products", or "making a t-shirt' or "chemicals used to process cotton" or I think this may shed a light Tips for Parents
  3.  Do your own search or Take a look, I think these resources explain it best..

I began to ask myself

  • Why don't I wear toxin free clothing, shoes?  What about Hemp?
  • The resources our out there. Why is it not more available?
  • That is How? Our Eco-friendly, People friendly commitment developed..
  • We chose manufacturing for chemically sensitive people (like myself) or those who have realized the amount of chemicals that can be absorbed daily through their skin. 
  • Safe for children, 
  • Safe for Pets
  • Most grown and Made in the USA, Some materials sourced from Canada, Europe and some from China, Poland and Romania. 
  • ALL focused on Organic farming to grow the plants, utilizing green processes to create the fabrics and Fair-trade, Fair Labor practices.Farm to Fashion, Dirt to Shirt

We have only begun. Our commitment to quality and the enviroment begins in house and extends to those who supply us with products and services. We all have commited to sharing the benefits of Organic Cotton and Hemp Materials sourced Fair-Trade, fair labor from with-in the USA, Canada, Europe.
— Sharon

Our crazy Goals and Aspirations:

If you would like to keep in touch, learn more or ask me a question. you may do so below. Enjoy the day!

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  • We have created our own online platform with a purpose, our future goal is to offer personalized design & marketing services.
  • Expand what we offer and provide our services and create relationships: B2B & B2C
  • Purchase an printer that meets are non toxic standards
  • A mobile "tiny house", camper, to attend the those events. We want to bring what we have to you.
  • Move out of our living room
  • Restore an old barn: Creating our Home Base: Service, Fulfillment and Distribution location in northeast PA. Powered by Solar and/or Wind. Servicing customers residing in the Pennsylvania, and the Southern Tier of New York and west.
  • Future goals include creating copies of our "home base" by restoring more old barns fitting them with sustainable power to create service, fulfillment and distribution locations in the Hudson Valley in New York State and Mid-Coast, Maine
  • Establish our own distribution connections, and create JOBS
  • Create an organic herb & vegetable gardens at each location for employees and families to tend for themselves and donate what we grown to local food banks.
  • Community service projects
  • Offer our original designs printed on various products wholesale to our partners.

Plus, We have more ideas. Take a look at what we have so far.