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Organic Cotton & Hemp Products

We support the farmers (because I am one). We will only work with farms, mills and sewing facilities, manufacturers and fellow artisans that have Fair Trade, Fair Wage values. From plants to fibers to fabrics to finished products we are committed to finding organic suppliers in the US, Europe and Canada.

Our mission was simple. Seek the alternatives available to create safe, functional apperal and home goods made from sustainable organic fabrics complimented with creative decoration using NO harmful inks or toxic chemicals. Safe for people, home and environment. The commitment begins in house and extends to those who partner with us. It starts with sharing the benefits of Organic Cotton and Hemp fabrics. Grown, Sewn, and Decorated within the USA. Due to limited supply we may need to source fabrics from outside the US. Rest assured that we are dedicated to finding Organic farms verified Fair Trade, Fair Wage. No sweatshop labor. Let’s create safe, healthy, happy homes and world together.
— -Sharon & Jordyn -JEMSLYlove

We offer Design Services by appointment only. We offer one on one free consultation. 

Herbal Academy Courses

Most of you know that I took a “ALTERNATE ROUTE” to assist me to heal. I spent a lot of time researching food, and herbs. I enjoy tea so that became my way of assisting my immune system to do its job and help me heal. I fell in love with the plants and began growing a few of my own. I guess that is why I have a developed a strong desire to homestead and farm. I looked for where I could learn more. I bought the books and began to teach myself. I am a hands-on learner. I had the knowledge but still lacked the skill and confidence to apply it. So, I located various locations in the northeast. Most seemed so far away. When I finally decided that a structured education was required. I wanted to learn more. I found a few wonderful schools online and tried them. Long story short, I decided on The Herbal Academy an online program that filled all of what I had been looking for. If you have any interest in plants (herbs & veges). I encourage you to take a look.