Re-new + Re-cycle + Re-purpose = Resilience

A few things about us.

If you met us us at the flea market or local event. THANK YOU for visiting.
Your support is truly appreciated.
— Sharon & Jordyn
Our mission was simple. Seek the alternatives available to create safe, functional apperal and home goods made from sustainable organic fabrics complimented with creative decoration using No harmful inks or toxic chemicals. Safe for people, home and environment. The commitment begins in house and extends to those who partner with us. It starts with sharing the benefits of Organic Cotton and Hemp fabrics. Grown, Sewn, and decorated within the USA. Due to limited supply we only source fabrics from Organic farms verified fair trade, fair Wage. No sweatshop labor. Let’s create safe, healthy, happy homes and world together.
— Sharon

HELLO, New and Old friends.

Some of you may not be aware so here is a brief overview. Our family consists of Thomas , Sharon, Jordyn, Tucker and Princess Pita. We reside on a developing farm/homestead located in Northeast PA. We enjoy simply reading a book, sitting in or exploring the woods, plants, animals, gardening, and many outdoor activities. Jordyn and I share a love for art and graphic design. For the most part we enjoy a simple, quiet life. We Thank god everyday and enjoy helping others. 

Creating a business and becoming more public was not on our agenda,yet, that is what is happening so we have chosen to embrace this change and adapt as necessary.  So, the first thing you need to know about our business is that we DO NOT have a  Brick & Mortar storefront. (Maybe someday?) We currently work from our living/dining room and attend auctions, flea markets, farmers markets and vendor events to share our mission and our story of healing and let people see and feel the products (we have so far) and talk about the services that we wish to offer as our bootstrapped business develops.

PERSONAL NOTE One of the most important things we did as a family was change our eating habits and lifestyle by removing the chemicals from food. We purchase organic or eat home grown. We applied this same concept to our skincare and home (laundry soap,etc). We attempted to limit our exposure as much as we could. I believe with all my heart that this lifestyle adjustment was one of the best choices I made and I needed to assist my body to heal. That one concept influenced everything.

I eat organic why can’t I wear organic?
— Sharon

Our T-shirt adventure started when Jordyn and I wanted to print our art to a t-shirt and maybe sell a few. I was not sure if I could return to my previous employment, all I knew, was that we had a love and gift to draw and paint and if we could use our gifts to create a little income. Well, why not? It seemed simple enough until I realized how a t-shirt was made. I spent most of my life wearing t-shirts and this new knowledge really enlightened me. I was amazed by the list of hazardous, sometimes toxic chemicals used to create a t-shirt. It starts at the farms with GMO seeds, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and chemical defoliants Well, that just did not sit well with me. Was there such a thing as ORGANIC COTTON?

Reality set in when I began to look at the three choices available to apply our designs to the t-shirt fabrics available. Again, a jaw dropping moment. Many screen-printers use traditional solvent based inks, Solvent based inks are considered the least environmentally friendly due to the  highly volatile solvents given off during printing and drying. Water based inks contain “co-solvents” which may even be petroleum based solvents and plastisol inks. Plastisol Inks are PVC-based but the major health concern was that they contain phthalates.  Research has been done which substantiates the damage phthalates do to us. You may be surprised to learn that many of our skin care & personal care products contain phthalates and many companies have taken the initiative to remove them from their products on their own. Read more about Phthalates here. Learn more about printing applications here. Textile Printing and the Environment 

So now what do I do? The simple t-shirt idea just became a huge thorn in my side. I just moved many of these same chemicals from my life in order to heal and know I found out that my clothing was just like my food was "Dangerous to my health!". 

Time for a change

That was when I set out to make a change and we have come a long way. We have sourced Organic Cotton grown in the US. We recently were able to add Organic Linen and Hemp to our list of fabrics. The vision is coming together. 

The biggest obstacles we have now are

  • maintaining my own health 
  • getting our designs printed by like minded business. Yes, we found a couple Learn more here.  
  • Consider purchasing the equipment ourselves
  • Creating the space to work. (move out of the living room).
  • Get what we have found in your hands Share the knowledge with the intent to improve the health and well being of others and our planet.. That is a tall order..

In order to fund our progress we began to sell our personal items "Jemsly Treasures" That is probably how you met us and found our website. Thank you for visiting. Learn more below what we have accomplished so far and please consider supporting us either by purchasing an item from our currently available selections or contributing to our crowdfunding campaign.  More information below.

Guess what? We are making progress

The highlighted items below are already available and I am adding more each day.

  • Our Custom designs printed with Eco-friendly, People friendly inks on the some of the items we currently offer below that have no decoration,

  • We also have another line of organic cotton tees (Made in NY) we use for custom projects.

  • LadiesMen's, Youth Fashion

  • Infant: Onesies Bibs,

  •  USA Grown & Sewn Organic Cotton TEEs from Texas and North Carolina TEEs

  • Hats, Leggings, Scarves, Socks, and Undergarments for ladies and gents 

  • Reusable Organic Cotton Bags & Totes, Made in PA

  • Pillows, Sheets Made in NJ and Europe

  • Coming Soon! Outdoor Gear: Backpacks, Hammocks

  • Lifestyle: Yoga mats

  • Coming Soon! Home goods for the Bed, Bath, and Kitchen.

  • and so MUCH MORE TO COME

  • Do you own a business? Would you like your business, employees or yourself to be more environmentally friendly? I may have a few ideas.

If you would like to keep in touch, learn more or ask me a question. You may do so below. Enjoy the day!

 Jemsly Treasures

We DO bring various items we have on our online storefront to events, flea markets, and locations on the east coast, primarily Northeast Pennsylvania, Southern-Tier of New York State and other locations as they come up.

  • We created our Jemslylove Events Calendar. This will allow us to share what we are up too and where we plan to be. Be the first to see the treasures.  Stay connected and sign up for our Jemsly Treasures Newsletter for updates as we add them. 
  • we have listed Antiques, Vintage, and other items on our Jemsly Treasures page on this website. if you cannot access the page. I may be I am working on it and adding items.. Check back soon. 
  • If you wish to see an item,contact us, and check our calender. We will gladly bring it with us to an event IF it happens to be one near you.
  • We work from home especially during the school year. (August thru June)

Our storefront is currently our website. We are real, living, breathing people trying to rebuild our lives. We are currently selling items that we have on-hand, our treasures. Antiques, Vintage items and other items we have collected through the years or purchased new, gently used or sometimes collected from flea markets, estate auctions and yard sales. We are "liquidating" our stash of Jewelry, and past custom made tees (all new, never worn) and using those funds to finance our personal growth and our ultimate goal, a NEW & IMPROVED sustainable business. Any purchases you make from Jemsly Treasures will be a hand up and we Thank you! Sign Up below. 

Stay in the loop..

Some of you have asked us How can we stay in touch. The answer is to sign up for our monthly newsletter and get the behind the scenes coverage,latest updates and special offers, etc. or follow our progress on our social media outlets. We just set them up. We appreciate your patience during this time, we are still learning to utilize each one. Friend us anyway someday soon things will magically appear in our feeds. "Like" and follow our Page on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, or Pintrest.  We promise to start posting regularly. See ya there!






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