Re-new + Re-cycle + Re-purpose = Resilience

A few things about us.

If you met us us at the flea market or local event or found us on social media. You are at the right place. THANK YOU for visiting. We are thankful you are here and excited to share our vision and ask you to participate in our personal and business development.
Your support to rebuild our life and allow us teach others is truly appreciated.
— Sharon & Jordyn

Time to rebuild .. My journey so far and we are humbly asking for your help.

Basic overview about Why ask for help? Why I wish to become an Outdoor Educator and Yoga Therapist?

My reality of illness and finances:

After reviewing my credit and my skills I realize that I am stuck in a Catch-22. While I was sick I had no choice but to let my vehicle go back to the bank and I couldn't pay my on my student loans thus leading to poor credit.  I thought about my CDL-A license and with 15 years driving experience. Yet, I know I could not get a job driving truck again. The hiccup is my health. I don't have the stamina to work a 40 hour week anymore. I don't think I could work and be productive for any length of time. The thought of being useless and needy really hurt. I had to figure out a new path for the rest of my life. That was when I began reading my bible, taking daily walks through the woods and then I added more movement and meditation by adding yoga to my day. I found a young lady on YouTube and spent 5 to 15 mins following her gentle instructions. I learned to "release" not "stretch" my hurt body.

Our mission was simple. Seek the alternatives available to create safe, functional apperal and home goods made from sustainable organic fabrics complimented with creative decoration using No harmful inks or toxic chemicals. Safe for people, home and environment. The commitment begins in house and extends to those who partner with us. It starts with sharing the benefits of Organic Cotton and Hemp fabrics. Grown, Sewn, and Decorated within the USA. Due to limited supply we may need to source fabrics from outside the US. Rest assured that we are dedicated to finding Organic farms verified Fair Trade, Fair Wage. No sweatshop labor. Let’s create safe, healthy, happy homes and world together.
— Sharon

 During my strolls through the woods I began to look at the complexity and simplicity of nature. This was how I discovered plants, trees and mushrooms and began to research and it all began to blend together to help me heal. I would take a picture with my phone during my walks and then when I got back I would learn about them. I started learn what I could do with them and how they could support my body to assist itself to heal, build my immune system and correct my imbalance. I began to take classes to learn how to grow, process, identify, store, and use them. A whole new world and love for plants, the forest and nature had opened up to me. 

In the meantime, I applied what I was learning to the structure of our vision for a business. I decided that the foundation for our business would follow nature, be sustainable and environmentally and people friendly. I wanted the chemicals out of the process. I wanted to know where everything came from and I developed a mission statement, created relationships with like-minded businesses and shared my plans with people. They seemed interested but it was such a new perspective that I knew it was going to take time. That was when I knew it was time to find something part-time a job to ease myself back into a routine and begin to create an income that would rebuild my financial shortcomings, contribute to the household, and slowly invest in building the business. I haven't been successful at finding a job. I spent my time wondering if I would ever be a productive member of society again. I focused on the vision an apparel/print shop (read more about it below) and I believed that by investing a little money here and there. (at least keeping the website up) and then getting a few samples and attending events.

How to keep going?… SELL EVERYTHING…

To do this I needed some cash. I began to Re-home items (some of you may of met us at the flea markets) and used the money to maintain this website and order some samples and began to share them with people. We have more items to re-home and I am building a separate website to post all we have. It is slow coming.


I realize my energy level was depleting. I haven’t been eating correctly and I am spending more time “trying” to make a business happen and ignored my body. It was telling me I was doing too much. I was not listening and I had reached “yet another” pivotal moment when my body and mind were so tired. I was ready to give up! but I didn’t.

  • I needed to re-focus on myself for a while and defeat an immense load of self-doubt that had begun to creep in. I went back to the woods, bible and yoga.

  • I noticed that this had become a cycle. I would make progress and then I would run out of energy. Something needed to change.

What are my options? How do I…?

I began to rethink the whole vision then analyze my strengths and weaknesses.

  • I will be 49 years old. (half of life is gone) I have a 14 year old daughter and the love of a man that supports everything I do. I want to STOP the struggle and enjoy life.

  • Yet, I lost everything I had built in my lifetime. Financially I was ruined, Savings, possessions, and Good Credit were gone and that year I spent a year in bed and the past 4 years finding my path to healing was not enough. I need to maintain it. All I want to do is provide again.

  • I acknowledged my need to keep maintaining my health and continue building my stamina and find balance. Self care is very important. I can sit here and type words of pity me and tell you all about how devastating this illness has been on my body, mind, self esteem, finances, relationships, etc. but I won't.

  • I CHOOSE to focus on rebuilding and creating something that will help me to improve myself, provide and income and then be able to lead and guide others to find the RESILIENCE for themselves. We all have one life to live and I am inviting you to tag along.

    I Created an Ultimate GOAL… YES I DID!!

  • I HAVE ESTABLISHED A GOAL and with your help… I will build myself and prepare myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically to accomplish that goal….MORE LATER

After reviewing my collection of current knowledge and skills (art, graphic design, a CDL-A license to name a few) I, then, began to notice that I did have new interests and skills that l could develop, build myself and share with others and still build the apparel/print boutique at the same time. (They all intertwined) and I had already started, why give up now?

  1. I need to continue to learn about, source and grow the food & herbs that have treated me so well. (A farm-? -Study Herbalism) **IN-PROGRESS**

  2. Build a eco-friendly, people friendly apparel-boutique and print shop. **IN-PROGRESS**

  3. Maintain a consistent self-practice and educate myself about anatomy and movement. (Become a Certified Yoga Therapist)

  4. Continue to explore the woods. (Farm it?) Nature and plants have nurtured me. (Become an Outdoor Guide and Educator),

  5. Assist others. Give Back!

    I will admit that even I thought I was crazy at first. Do I pick one? or can I blend all my new found knowledge, expand upon it and create a space to live, work, and assist others. Then, I explored my options and found various structured educational opportunities that could help me. Teach me to help myself and to teach others.

How you can help?

Today, I have reached the point where humility kicks in and I realized I can't continue alone. I have 2 directions I am developing both include personal development and education that will lead to assisting others. I am motivated by my years of illness, the pain, and the knowledge of death. You see, I spent a year in bed and now that I am up and walking. I want to move forward with life 1- improve my own well being and 2- move forward with business. The great thing is they ALL intertwine with each other and I get to help others. Each part of my wish list builds upon itself and I intend to complete my ULTIMATE GOAL in 1 year and 4 mos when I turn 50 years old.. How would you like to help me? I lived through illness now its truly time to “LIVE!!”

What is on my WISH LIST! There are THREE things.. Business and Maintaining my Health and Learning to assist others.

BUSINESS..Continue to establish an eco-friendly, people friendly business and maintain our website ( wish it to build a mobile boutique . creating a showroom that shares all we offer from clothing to home goods that we can display at events. We can use it to visit like-minded businesses and non-profits that recognize the need and are looking for ways to meet their commitment to environmental responsibility.

My first wish is to Acquire two pieces of equipment.

  • First, A mobile showroom that will double as a studio/print shop/production, and shipping office when parked at our home and while at the various events we have lined up to attend. The mobile showroom will display ALL of the products and services we offer and it will be our living quarters while on the road. Plus, We can use it to visit the like-minded businesses and non-profits that recognize the need and are looking for ways to meet their commitment to environmental responsibility.

I am exploring other options that are NOT mobile. By creating a space to work where we currently reside by building a space or locate another property to rent or purchase. I am considering all my options.

  • If anyone has any suggestions… Please contact me!

I wish for the mobile showroom to be the home to our second need.

Second wish, An Eco-friendly, People-friendly printer. Yes,I have decided which printer will serve best. (details to come)

  • I have received a quote.

  • The purpose of this purchase is so we can print our designs, as needed, allowing us to keep a better eye on quality and quantity. It will allow us to keep our decorated line of products stocked while at events.

  • Acquiring a printer will also assist us with our custom and smaller orders for those clients that have a need for “just a few” (min 10 items)

  • We can complete smaller projects in-house. reducing shipping expense and turn around time for projects.

Additional Funds ($3000.00) will be set aside for our start up showroom inventory, some samples and packaging and shipping supplies.

More details about our business and “The Future” growth plan are at the bottom of this page.

The plan is to use our mobile unit to visit those that support us and attend events.


We will use our printer to fulfill the gifts we have established for this entire crowdfunding campaign.

Please note that any contribution made will be equally applied to getting our equipment and to the programs I wish to attend. It may take a while to be accepted to the programs I have listed below and space is limited. Plus there is an application process for each of these programs. I am currently filling out the applications and paying the application fees.

I have created gifts for all those who do..once we are able to purchase our printer and create the space we can. Random Acts of Kindness deserve Thank You’s and we have a few.

I can start a business, but if I don’t maintain my health... Who is going to run it?
— Sharon


For my own personal growth I wish begin my new journey with an Accredited Yoga Therapy Training Program.

I have chosen Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy accredited by The International Association of Yoga Therapists. I will begin with The Foundations course which will include the 200 hour yoga teacher training program. I will learn the basics of poses, anatomy, breathing, and the history of yoga. This curriculum provides a strong foundation about anatomy, philosophy, theory, and how to apply this information and tools in a therapeutic setting. In the end, I will be ready to teach yoga and be fully prepared to become a Yoga Therapist with two separate certifications — a 200 hour teacher Training certification. and a Yoga Therapy Certification. This foundation training will give me the the skills and support I need to begin my practice as a yoga therapist in approximately 6 months to a year.

I chose this program so I could begin my study at home and continue to to be mom, during the first phase of my education most of the program is completed online with Flexible learning-Most of the curriculum is provided online via recorded and Live webinars, Live Q&A 3-times a week with the owner/ instructor, Long-term mentoring,and online community..Learn more and I could still work business at the same time. I could They offer a couple payment options.

The Next 200 Hour Teacher Training Live Session Dates:

October 13- I would like to start ASAP build this home-study into my everyday routine.

  • Begin a consistent, personal yoga practice and begin my 200 hours to become a teacher.

Would you like to support me?

“The goal of the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program is to train people to be clear on how to work with any condition from lower back pain to arthritis, depression to spiritual connection, in a focused way that has full integrity.” Source: Breathing Deeply

Yoga Therapists work with private clients for a wide variety of conditions. They also work in conjunction with other healthcare providers. Institutions such as hospitals and addiction centers are increasingly looking to Yoga Therapists to design and implement programs. As the field of yoga therapy continues to expand, so will opportunities.

Once I complete the “Foundation Program” I will move on to the “Advanced Yoga Therapist Training”

Above is the training I will receive at The Seven - 8-day residential retreats. I may take all seven modules as they are offered over the course of two years, or space them out over a longer period of time (a maximum of 7 years).

Above is the training I will receive at The Seven - 8-day residential retreats. I may take all seven modules as they are offered over the course of two years, or space them out over a longer period of time (a maximum of 7 years).

  1. The Advanced Yoga Therapy Program which builds upon the skills and knowledge I gained from the foundations course.

    1. The Advanced Program consists of three parts:

      • it will build upon the online Breathing Deeply Foundations Program.

      • I will attend Seven weeks of residential learning at the Won Dharma Center in Claverack, New York. weekends give students the ability to apply and hone material from the foundations course in a live setting.(see module list below)

      • A practicum to be done in my community.

      • Upon Completion I will have earned my C-IAYT Certification. For more More details

    2. The seven residential retreat modules are eight days. In six of them, the first weekend is a skill building workshop based on the koshas. Students learn and practice applications based in the koshas highlighted by the weekend (i.e. body and breath bodies vs wisdom and bliss bodies) These weekends give students the ability to apply and hone material from the foundations course in a live setting.

      The rest of the live class time can be thought of as mini courses on specific subjects. Students are able to focus on condition sets (autoimmune diseases, back care, rehab techniques for surgeries, etc) as well as deeper explorations of material (ayurveda, how to reference yogic texts, examining research studies, etc..)

So What do you think? Could you invest and offer me a hand up? I have created gifts for all those who do.. Random Acts of Kindness deserve Thank You”s

A little as $10.00 will get me closer.

My goal and wish is to apply all that I have learned to assist those living with Lyme and Tick borne Illness, Although my education will allow me to assist so many others. It just feels right and good to work towards a higher purpose and that I will be creating balance for myself and my family and assisting others to do the same. -Sharon


Well, Its TIME TO REVEAL “THE Ultimate GOAL” and How I intend to accomplish it.

Nature played an important role in my healing. My daily walks provided me with an atmosphere that nurtured me, kept me going and I found peace. That is why I wish to attend Outdoor Guide- Educator Training to continue maintaining my health by educating myself and building my confidence.  

That’s right. I wish to spend 30 days in the woods. Sleeping under the stars with wild animals. This program is offered through NOLS and it will be my Ultimate goal that I will be building up too. It is called  ROCKY MOUNTAIN OUTDOOR EDUCATOR WITH Wilderness First Responder Certification More details are below

First I realize that for me TO REACH THIS GOAL, I need to mentally and physically build myself up and acquire a firm foundation while complimenting, enhancing my Yoga Therapist Certification ALL of this will be preparing me for my trip to the mountains of Wyoming where I will refine my teaching and leadership skills needed to work as a professional Outdoor Educator and Mindful Outdoor Guide. 

I have chosen the ALL of my training for their respective Certification and to allow me to proceed gently, Take LITTLE STEPS..spread out over the next 2-3 years and they will build upon themselves.

LOCATION: Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Mindful Outdoor Guide Certification

  •  Level 1: Forest Community Tuition $1,049. per person plus accommodations and meals.

  • As a Level 1 Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide, I will gain the foundation and skills to lead individuals and small groups in connecting mindfully with nature. I will discover the latest scientific research on the health benefits of spending time in nature and learn to share these benefits with others.

  • The entire training is held outside on the land surrounding Kripalu Center.

  • I have Required Reading and suggested reading..the required list is below so you may get an idea of what I will be learning.

    • Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder, Richard Louv

    • The Way of Council, Jack Zimmerman and Virginia Coyle

    • Your Brain on Nature, Eva Selhub and Alan C. Logan

    • Braiding Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer

    • Please read ‘Learning the Grammar of Animacy,’ ‘Allegiance to Gratitude,’ ‘In the Footsteps of Nanabozho: Becoming Indigenous to Place’.

    • The Miracle of Mindfulness, Thich Nhat Hahn

    • Your Guide to Forest Bathing: Experience the Healing Power of Nature, M. Amos Clifford

  • I will learn the basics of Wilderness first-aid and CPR.

  • I will be assigned a Home Project: Investigate opportunities to help connect people with nature in my community. During the break between Level 1 and Level 2, I will work on a personal project to present to my class. This project focuses on the research, that I will conduct on some aspect of my home environment and how I plan to incorporate those elements into my work as a Mindful Outdoor Guide.

2018 DATES—-

  • October 26–November 4, 2018

2019 DATES—-

  • April 26– May 5, 2019

  • October 18–27, 2019

Mindful Outdoor Guide Certification

  • Level 2: Aligning with Nature Tuition $1,049, plus accommodations and meals

  • As a Level 2 Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide, I will develop skills that will take my leadership abilities to the next level. Deepen my exploration and relationship to the land through advanced forest-bathing techniques; explore an expanded set of nature-based mindful meditations and inquiries; further study with Massachusetts Audubon; and continue developing outdoor skills such as friction-fire making, shelter-building, and foraging; and ongoing Council practice.

  • In Level 2, I present my personal project to the group.

2019 DATE—-June 7–16, 2019

****I will be applying to ALL of these Programs in the coming days and my entrance into this program is based on my application. I will also apply for a scholarship which will reduce the cost to attend. *** I will keep you updated!- Sharon 9/2018

Help me to rebuild life.

The above classes will begin to develop a foundation, build me up Physically and Mentally Fit and will allow me to begin teaching before my trip to Wyoming. Yes, I said Wyoming.

This is it!… what I am building up too

  • I wish to go to Wyoming ROCKY MOUNTAIN OUTDOOR EDUCATOR WITH Wilderness First Responder Certification

  • Features
    Duration: 28 days
    7 classroom days, 21 field days
    Route length: 50-70 miles
    Average group size: 12–15 students / 3 instructors
    Average age: 27 / minimum age: 21
    Average pack weight: 60 pounds
    Elevation range: 9,000–12,000 feet
    On- and off-trail hiking
    Travel through grizzly bear habitat
    Opportunity for students to travel in small groups independent of instructors (based on instructor discretion)
    Certifications: Wilderness First Responder with CPR and Leave No Trace Master Educator

Learn more about… How you could assist me and stay informed about my progress.

Since you have come this far..I wish to share A little more about Jemlylove the business.

How this business Developed…: What we have done so far?

What we are doing today? and where we wish to go with it?


More about our Business Plan and how it developed.

Some of you may not be aware so here is a brief overview. Our family consists of Thomas , Sharon, Jordyn, Tucker and Princess Pita. We reside in Northeast PA. We enjoy simply reading a book, sitting in, or simply exploring the woods, gardening veges and herbs, wild foraging of plants, yoga, DIY projects, fishing, hunting and many other outdoor & indoor activities. Jordyn and I share a love for art and graphic design. For the most part we enjoy a simple, quiet life. We, thank God everyday and enjoy helping others. 

Creating a business and becoming more public was not on our agenda, yet, that is what is happening so we have chosen to embrace this change and adapt as necessary.  So, the first thing you need to know about our business is that we DO NOT have a Brick & Mortar storefront. (Maybe someday?) We currently work from our living/dining room and attend auctions, flea markets, farmers markets and vendor events to share our mission and our story of healing and let people see and feel the products (we have so far) and talk about the services that we wish to offer as our bootstrapped business develops.

I eat organic why can’t I wear organic?
— Sharon

PERSONAL NOTE One of the most important things we did as a family was change our eating habits and lifestyle by removing the chemicals from food. We purchase organic or eat home grown. We applied this same concept to our skincare and home (laundry soap,etc). We attempted to limit our exposure as much as we could. I believe with all my heart that this lifestyle adjustment was one of the best choices I made and I needed to support my body to heal. That one concept influenced everything.

Our T-shirt adventure started when Jordyn and I wanted to print our art to a t-shirt and maybe sell a few. I was not sure if I could return to my previous employment, all I knew, was that we had a love and gift to draw and paint and if we could use our gifts to create a little income. Well, why not? It seemed simple enough until I realized how a t-shirt was made. I spent most of my life wearing t-shirts and this new knowledge really enlightened me. I was amazed by the list of hazardous, sometimes toxic chemicals used to create a t-shirt. It starts at the farms with GMO seeds, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and chemical defoliants Well, that just did not sit well with me. Was there such a thing as ORGANIC COTTON?

Reality set in when I began to look at the choices available to apply our designs to the t-shirt. Again, a jaw dropping moment.

  • Many screen-printers use traditional solvent based inks, Solvent based inks are considered the least environmentally friendly due to the highly volatile solvents given off during printing and drying.

  • Water based inks contain “co-solvents” which may even be petroleum based solvents and plastisol inks.

  • Plastisol Inks are PVC-based but the major health concern was that they contain phthalates. Research has been done which substantiates the damage phthalates do to us. You may be surprised to learn that many of our skin care & personal care products contain phthalates and many companies have taken the initiative to remove them from their products on their own. Read more about Phthalates here. Learn more about printing applications here. Textile Printing and the Environment

We started financing the online business by re-homing our collection of various items. We will continue to do so.

Before deciding to ask for help. We took our first steps and decided to "clean house" we donated many items to a local charity and we began to Re-home the rest.  It has been slow, yet, steady. We began to attend a few flea markets and other events to Re-home our JEMSLY TREASURE’s. consisting of our collection of Antiques, Vintage, and other collectible and general house-hold items.






Stay in the loop..

Some of you have asked us How can we stay in touch. The answer is to sign up for our newsletter and get the behind the scenes coverage, latest updates and special offers, etc. or follow our progress on our social media outlets. We just set them up.

We appreciate your patience during this time, we are still learning to utilize each one. Friend us anyway someday soon things will magically appear in our feeds. "Like" and follow our Page on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, or Pintrest. 

We promise to start posting regularly. See ya there! If you contribute or share our pages with others you will automatically become part of our inner circle no sign up required.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Yes, we have begun the huge job of building an additional website. Primarily because school will be starting soon, winter is coming and that makes it harder for us to attend events to re-home our wares. is where you can find all of our items we have for sale. We have so much that I found it necessary to keep things organized.  If you wish to see an item, contact us, and check our calendar. We will gladly bring it with us to an event IF it happens to be one near you.
You may find just about anything Antiques, Vintage items and other items we have collected through the years or purchased new, gently used or sometimes collected from flea markets, estate auctions and yard sales. Currently you will find our stash of Jewelry, We are using those funds to finance our personal growth and our ultimate goal, a NEW & IMPROVED sustainable business. Any purchases you make from Jemsly Treasures will be a hand up and we Thank you! Sign Up below. 

NOW We get to introduce OUR "Growth" VISION that compliments all of my learning. Those of you who financially contribute and support me to continue my education and assist us to develop a business will be invited into our Inner Circle. Everyone needs a support group and a place to seek feedback.  Would you like to invite you to be be a part of our inner circle? As we rebuild, we invite you on the journey with us.

  • Get the equipment to begin printing our original designs & custom work (creating the gifts we offer you for your financial contribution)

  • Create a mobile space to work and bring our products to others

    • Purchase a printer and additional equipment that will fitted into the tiny house for onsite printing of our original designs and client projects and then moved to the permanent location (once we find it)

    • Purchase a tiny house. The tiny home will be be our design & print studio/ mobile showroom and living space while attending events It will also be equipped to operate off-grid, (solar) and will become our home while on the road. I look forward to saying "Welcome to our chemical free home." Come on in and let me show you how you can do this with your home! The goal is to allow people to have an hands on experience at events we plan to attend. It will be outfitted with all the products we offer. We will have a limited supply on-hand due to space so we will have internet access on site. We can assist with ordering on-site and have the orders shipped directly to their homes.

WHY GO MOBILE when I truly want a farm?

  • Mobile is our place to start.. and to test our idea. It will allow us to begin to establish relationships with those who like our vision and see the need for the products and services we offer.

  • Find our customers. "Build it and they will come" isn't the best way to go. Sometimes you need to do the legwork and take what you build to others. Introduce yourself, treat them as you wish to be treated, provide an outstanding product and great customer service.

  • Everyone that supports us will be added to our private email list. Let's stay connected. We will provide special offers and you could be the first to know where we are going to be and any new products we have. You will also be the first to view our original designs and special projects that you will be allowed to Pre-order before anyone else..

Overall, I envision a place of healing, learning and growing for humans; as much as the herbs & vegetables grow for market.

  • The FUTURE farm will become home to the mobile showcase when not on the road and the base for our current online businesses and One of our outbuildings located on our farm will serve as our Eco-friendly, solar powered facility. It will house our design studio, packaging area & warehouse, distribution and customer service center (once we find it) Once we acquire our equipment, It will allow a production area. It will become home to our brick n mortar location creating a mercantile that will give our local and online shoppers a place to come visit us and chat about custom projects. It will allow a hands-on experience with our growing selection of USA grown and sewn organic cotton and hemp apparel, bags, totes and many other items for the outdoors.

  • We look forward to establishing relationships with other extremely talented artisans, as well, to create home-grown,locally made mercantile.

  • This will be where I create my office for my Yoga Therapy Practice, assisting one person at a time and providing options and choices for them and offering group yoga classes as well. Of course I can only do this once I complete my education and maintain my Certification through continued education.

  • The farm will be the base for the Outdoor Education Programs I intend to develop. with the intention of utilizing all of the wonderful Federal & State Parks across the country.

  • My hope is to teach adults and children. Bring them to Nature. I will offer workshops of all kinds.

  • The farm will always serve to assist others by giving back 10% of everything we make and to provide a hand up for those who find themselves in a situation such as mine.

  • What do you think so far? If you are ready to assist us we have some great gifts prepared for your support.

Questions? CONTACT US

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