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2018 Holiday Collections

How many Holiday cards, Gift Tags and Gift Card Holders do we send to the landfill each holiday?

Eco-friendly... 100% recycled ingredients, using no chemicals, dyes or additives.

  • Plantable... The recipient can plant the card, tag or gift card holder in the ground and watch it grow.

  • GMO FREE wildflower seed mixture.

  • Grow-a-Note®& Hemp Heritage® papers are handmade by skilled artisans, one sheet at a time at Greenfield Paper Company in San Diego, CA.

  • Hemp Heritage® holiday cards are created with an old fiber for a new generation. Acid Free, Chlorine free, Archival quality, 25% hemp, 75% post consumer.

Find your Favorite Design

Find your Favorite Design

Plantable Holiday Greeting Cards

  • Don't just send a card, send a bouquet of flowers.

  • Each card measures 4.5" x 6" folded. Includes a color coordinating recycled envelope.

  • All cards come blank inside. Hand write your own note.


Plantable Holiday Gift Tags

  • Variety pack has 6 festive holiday designs.

  • Package contains 6 hemp twine ties.

  • Planting instructions are on the back of each tag.


Plantable Gift Card Holders

  • Variety in a package of 3.

  • Includes white recycled envelopes.

  • The recipient that they can plant the gift card holder and watch the GMO free seeds grow long after the gift card has been spent.

Hemp Heritage® Holiday Cards

Hemp Heritage paper is handmade from fibers of an industrial hemp plant. Choose from a variety of designs printed with soy inks.


Just for Fun this holiday season

100% Junk Mail Holiday Cards

YES, these cards are made from shredded junk mail combined with post consumer pulp to create a distinctive paper- no two sheets are alike



Multi-use Holiday Ornaments



These ornaments can be used in a multitude of ways as a simple greeting card, gift tags or decoration. Hang on the Christmas tree then plant them in the spring! Have some fun with these die-cut, eco-friendly, ornaments which have had a colorful variety of wildflower seeds embedded into the paper.