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Our mission was simple. Seek the alternatives available to create safe, functional apperal and home goods made from sustainable organic fabrics complimented with creative decoration using NO harmful inks or toxic chemicals. Safe for people, home and environment. The commitment begins in house and extends to those who partner with us. It starts with sharing the benefits of Organic Cotton and Hemp fabrics. Grown, Sewn, and Decorated within the USA. Due to limited supply we may need to source fabrics from outside the US. Rest assured that we are dedicated to finding Organic farms verified Fair Trade, Fair Wage. No sweatshop labor. Let’s create safe, healthy, happy homes and world together.
— -Sharon & Jordyn -JEMSLYlove

Organic Cotton & Hemp Products

We support the farmers (because I am one). We will only work with farms, mills and sewing facilities, manufacturers and fellow artisans that have Fair Trade, Fair Wage values. From plants to fibers to fabrics to finished products we are committed to finding organic suppliers in the US, Europe and Canada.

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  • What we do have is ORGANIC COTTON: Grown, Milled and Sewn in the USA and decorated with Eco- & People friendly inks in the USA. Texas & North Carolina. Plus we have created friendships and established partnerships with other like-minded artisans, businesses, designers, and manufacturers to bring you a growing selection of Organic Cotton & Hemp Products for self, home, and business.

    • Hemp Clothing for Men, Women & The little ones- Coming Soon!

    • Hemp Paper Products- Coming Soon!


  • We source our industrial HEMP: from designers and manufacturers that work with farms in Europe, Canada and some in China then sewn in the USA.

  • Industrial Hemp According to the National Conference of State Legislatures. At least 41 states have passed legislation related to industrial hemp, such as defining hemp and removing barriers, and at least 39 states have allowed for hemp cultivation and production programs. Which means the seeds have been planted in the states and the research has begun.

    • When we can see products from US based hemp farms? Who knows? I don't mind supporting the neighbors on this floating orb we ALL call home. We all must work together to find the cleaner and greener ways to support our shared planet and the health and well being those of us and the animals that reside on it.

    • Do you have allergies or chemical sensitivities?

  • Learn more about Plant Fibers like organic cotton and hemp (link coming soon I promise)

JEMSLYlove's latest news: 

Hello everyone, We have reached a couple speed bumps and we have greatly enhanced our vision. So, we wanted give our customers, family, friends, followers and website visitors a chance to participate. We have come to a crossroad  and I must honestly say it is humbling. Do we continue? or Do we drop this whole idea and move on to the next? I have been floating all these thoughts through my brain daily. We have had a few sales and a whole lot of positive feedback and interest. So, with that in mind we wish to inform you of our situation and what we have in mind.  

 The vision has become more than printing a few designs on a tee and selling them and it's more than a story about recovery from illness. I have begun to add to and adjust my formal business plan and believe me I have sourced the help to make sure I dot my i"s and cross my T's. I have also begun the training I need to continue treating myself. Now I wish to build my confidence and learn the skills I need and want to learn and begin to assist others.

Humility has set in. I realize that we can no longer do this alone. Would you like to be a bigger part of what we have in mind? Take a look at our Creating Relationships page for more information about how you can. We will have some exclusive gifts and offers for each level of support. A little can go a long way.

We offer Design Services by appointment only. We offer one on one free consultation. 

Herbal Academy Courses

Most of you know that I took a “ALTERNATE ROUTE” to assist me to heal. I spent a lot of time researching food, and herbs. I enjoy tea so that became my way of assisting my immune system to do its job and help me heal. I fell in love with the plants and began growing a few of my own. I guess that is why I have a developed a strong desire to homestead and farm. I looked for where I could learn more. I bought the books and began to teach myself. I am a hands-on learner. I had the knowledge but still lacked the skill and confidence to apply it. So, I located various locations in the northeast. Most seemed so far away. When I finally decided that a structured education was required. I wanted to learn more. I found a few wonderful schools online and tried them. Long story short, I decided on The Herbal Academy an online program that filled all of what I had been looking for. If you have any interest in plants (herbs & veges). I encourage you to take a look.

Just added a line of Children’s Natural Earth Paint ..