Re-new + Re-cycle + Re-purpose = Resilience


Jemsly Treasures

 "Treasures" which are items we discover or collected during our travels & adventures. From unique to collectible selections.  We discover items from Jewelry to Tools to Unique and some are considered "Antiques", others are considered "Vintage" and others items may be "New or Gently Used" or just grown out of.

We also have a selection of "HANDMADE"  "ONE OF A KIND" jewelry.

Rest assured that whatever treasures you find on our NEW WEBSITE dedicated to Jemsly Treasures

were special and valued by someone, including us, and we know they could be cherished again.

We believe in Re-new, Re-cycle, Re-purpose, Re-Use and Re-Home! 

Vintage items

Vintage means "OLD". but not old enough to be an Antique and not older than me. We currently have quite a bit of Jewelry. Some of it is mine, some of it we found at various events and markets that we have attended. Here are some of them I will post more.

Here are your Options

FIRST SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER to learn how to email us, receive updates and news BEFORE we list to our website. We add items monthly. 

It is first come, first serve.  

  • If we are attending an event in your area. contact us so we can bring an item you wish to see. 
  • We are based in Great Bend, PA. We will accommodate and meet people half-way, within reason, by appointment only.
  • Common sense:  If we do not know you. Don't try to meet us in a dark alley. We won't show up.

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Welcome to Jemsly Treasures 

New & Gently Used Items- PICTURES COMING SOON

Think of this as an online flea market. You just never know what you can find. Children grow out of things. Knick-Knacks just do not fit the decor anymore. But, it might fit yours.  Currently we have Clothing sizes from Adult to Youth. Freshly washed and folded. We provide clear, concise, descriptions and photos.

We may offer other items that do not fit under Antique or Vintage.  Such as unmarked, costume Jewelry, Household items, and other items that still are usable and functional that need a new home.


There have been times we come across something that could be considered an Antique. We do our best to find out. We will provide any documentation and resources that we use to prepare our price. If there is any history associated with the item, we will include this in the description. 

Hand-Made by us or someone we know. PICTURES COMING SOON!

Sometimes Jordyn and I get really crafty. Jordyn likes to play with her sewing machine. We have made necklaces, hair ties, and bracelets or start braiding or beading weaving something. DIY and you-tube are the best. We have found pieces of furniture that needed a good cleaning and a coat of paint or we strip down to re-stain it. Most pieces we keep and others we may have no need for.  

We enjoy crafty and gifted people. We have discovered many beautiful, unique and creative things. People who sew, knit, and quilt. People who re-purpose items. We will share their stories and possibly may be able to offer those items to you.