God whispered "Resilience"

I can honestly say that I was ready to give up and just go on medical disability (if I could qualify for and get it?)

Then, I started researching and exploring Lyme Disease and Co-infections.. I ran into a whole bunch of other people that were at various stages of suffering.

The usual sources of medical information showed a slew of opinions from "How to properly diagnosis?" and "What to do for treatment?" In fact, there was so much (for lack of a nicer word) I’ll just say “Bah-Hoopla” surrounding Lyme Disease. I didn’t know who or what to believe.  Plus, I already had an acquired an attitude from my initial appointment with the physician that assisted me at the walk-in clinic. I created a page with personal story some info about Lyme and co infections.  

Put all of that together and I knew I had to really focus and decide what options were right for me and for my healing. 


That How? Our Eco-friendly People friendly commitment developed...

"ALL of my discoveries about Lyme and "Disease" and "Illness" led to me to creating change for myself and my family. It began with "what we put in our mouths" and then products "we applied to our skin." We began to change our purchase habits. We had to alter, adapt and adjust our lifestyle and home. I was on a mission to find safer, natural, organic alternatives for myself and my family. We applied that same commitment to placing our designs that we wanted to print on a simple t-shirt. We looked for shirts, (clothing) and other products made of Organic Cotton. We started with US Based farms and farmers that choose to raise their crops without harmful pesticides, fertilizers. We found Organic Cotton, Hemp and Bamboo farms established and forming in a few states in the US. We found Farms growing the plants. Manufacturers milling and sewing the fabrics and a whole bunch of great people committed to cleaning up the fashion industry. The amount of organic cotton within the US is limited so we searched for resources from manufacturers in the US committed to Fair-trade, Fair wages to organic farmers,and production facilities located in other countries. Then, we searched for people-friendly print applications that did not use chemicals in their inks or processes. We located a few right here in the US. Finally, We searched for packaging options that were Eco-friendly, compostable, and recycled.  AND Guess what...WE FOUND THAT TOO!  We combined ALL we found and added our designs to products we can use in our own home. Now, we have begun the path to establishing a business and sharing what we have found and "Our Creations" with YOU! - Love, Sharon

That How? Our Eco-friendly People friendly commitment developed...

First, I searched the internet for American made t-shirts. Yes, they do exist.

  • Which led to learning about "How t-shirts are made" and all the chemicals involved with that process. What a discovery!!! 
  • Which led to learning about various ways to print a shirt and all the chemicals involved.
  • Finally, I realized the effect it had on the environment, through water run off, excess waste, energy consumption and a slew of other things.

In response, I decided to find solutions. The Commitment was made.

 - ---I want our designs printed on American Made products. 
--- Sewn with materials that are sourced within the USA or through Fair Trade, with Fair Labor and Wage Agreements. 
---Organically grown Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp
---Blended fabrics with recycled cotton and polyester
---Eco-Friendly packaging: recycled, compostable, biodegradable
----Environment & People-Friendly Inks and application processes
----I will only work with "like minded" people and businesses!
*********"Farm to Fashion" or "Soil to Shirt"********

and WE will Give Back