Can you relate to this Morning Moon? This design was inspired by the view looking through my wine glass while enjoying the last of the glowing embers burn out from that evenings Fourth of July Bonfire about 5 years ago.

I took a photo and began the task of playing with a design. This was how I learned to work with Photoshop & Illustrator. I would take photos or my own sketches and upload them to the programs and just play. A LOT of trial and error. Recently, I decided to try and replicate my memory of that wonderful Fourth of July weekend and continued to adjusting the design for print.

Now let's see how it would look on a wine tumbler. Yes, I did. I know it was a pretty wacky idea to print the finished design on a Wine Tumbler especially since I don't drink much wine anymore, but I always have a coffee or water nearby so I added a Travel Mug, 20oz & 30oz Tumbers and a Coffee Mug to the collection.

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Wine Tumbler "Morning Moon"
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Tumblers "Morning Moon" 20oz & 30oz
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Travel Mug "Morning Moon"
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