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DISCLAIMER SL York Company, and the website were created as a resource for people interested in Lyme Disease and Tick-Borne Illnesses. The content provided is for informational purposes only, and the information should not be taken as medical advice. SL York Company, and any contributors to this website DO NOT give medical advice. We share our story, resources that has assisted us in our journey with Lyme Disease and other Tick-Borne Disease. Links to other sites are to assist in research and the information found on those sites is the opinion of those who publish the sites and is not necessarily that of SL York Company.  SL York Company, as owners of DO NOT endorse products or services. It is your responsibility to assess the information provided on this website for accuracy and completeness. By your use of this site, and any social media pages linked to this site you agree to release and hold harmless SL York Company, and the owner Sharon Lynn York for any loss or damage sustained by you, resulting from information obtained from this site.

Shipping, Returns and Exchanges?

Please see our Shipping and Exchanges page. Thank You

Do we design for others?

We do design for others on a LIMITED BASIS as we grow we hope to be able to offer this as a service.

How do we distribute the funds raised during our ACT OF KINDNESS Campaigns?

We forward a check or we apply any funds to the project designated in our Event or product descriptions. We will keep everyone updated via the email provided by you during the check out phase of your purchase and or possibly via our monthly Jemslylove News email letter for specific Random Acts of Kindness Campaigns or Events we host. Our Book Campaign will be on-going. We hope to distribute any books we purchase to those that wish for them. We will keep recipients names confidential unless they sign a written consent form.

What is Jemslylove Events Calendar?

We utilize it to share events we will host and/or may share events we will be attending. We will share our established Jemslylove PICK UP locations and some information about the location the hours, and directions as they are created.  Our calendar IS NOT a public platform to advertise or share any other information.   

We believe in confidentiality?

We give what we expect to get! Please see our Terms & Conditions

Jemslylove Inner Circle is for LYME and TICK BORNE DISEASE conversation ONLY!

It is currently under construction. We will provide a sign up ASAP.