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Jemslylove News

We are excited to announce we have have launched our

First Random Acts of Kindness Project

We are taking orders until July 31st


“Hello!” and “Welcome!” to our online Mercantile!

Below is a brief introduction to what we have to offer you today and what is coming soon. Some pages are still under construction. Please be patient with us.

Building this website has been “interesting.” We have tried to make your shopping experience safe, fun and educational. We know we will have errors and downtime. It’s part of the online world. We just want you to know we are excited you are here. Jemslylove is online only, We do not have a store front at this time. Although, we are planning to POP UP at a few places in PA & NY.. We will keep you updated in our newsletter, so don’t forget to sign up…

Building our relationships with like-minded businesses has been wonderful. We are connected to each other in so many ways. We will introduce them to you, SO remember that ANY items we offer have faces attached. We have created wonderful friendships with the founders and some of the employees that grow, create, or manufacture anything we offer in our Mercantile. We love these people and what they have to offer. We hope you will too.

"We love people who take a stand for something bigger than themselves. They find humility and are guided by a spirit of love for humanity and the planet we all reside on. Even after all the storms they have been through!" -author unknown

Welcome to the Jemslylove Family.- Sharon & Jordyn


Organic Cotton & Hemp Tees

Blank -NO Graphics



Scarves, Socks, Bandannas, etc.


Organic Cotton, Linen & Hemp Leggings and Yoga Pants

Please check back!

We are making plans to attend a few local events in NY & PA in 2019 so we can introduce ourselves. We plan to bring along a selection of our custom creations and some blank items (without printing) tees, bags, and other garments from our family of suppliers.
We hope to have a sample of anything you find on this website.
Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page for all the updates
— Love Sharon & Jordyn

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Organic Bags & Totes

Made in Pennsylvania

Time to (replace those plastic grocery bags!


“Greeting Cards”


For now, we offer you holiday greeting cards, gift tags, etc featuring the wonderful artwork of fellow artists. Take a look! Eco-friendly gift giving!


Natural Earth Paint for kids

Face Paint & Art Supplies

Non-toxic, Eco-friendly paint from the Earth



Engraved Jewelry

Designs by Jemslylove

Non Toxic Studio.jpg

Natural Earth Paint for Fine Artists

Non-toxic, Eco-friendly paint from the Earth …COMING SOON!

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Pure & Natural Bedding, Mattresses, Pillows, Pet Beds, and more.

Handmade in the USA.



Hemp & Organic Cotton Fashion

Button Down Shirts, Polos, Henley’s, Hoodies, Jackets and MORE.

Sourced: Fair Trade & within the USA

Our Designs in Progress:

*NOTE* Any photos used in our projects/designs are taken by us. We are so close to getting our latest original art printed.. Can you say “Happy Dance?” You could be one of the first to own a Jemslylove Original! Thanks for sticking with us friends!

Welcome to the Jemslylove Family! What you need to know..

Sharon and Jordyn have a vision. We wanted our business to be a force for good, balancing purpose and profit. Today, as a boot strapped, sole proprietorship we are doing just that! We have begun our journey to establish and maintain the standards required to become a benefit corporation. A legal commitment to our desired way to operate as a business.

What is a benefit corporation or B-corp? Take a look. and sign up for our newsletter where we will keep you updated with our progress.

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