Natural Earth Paint

Non-toxic, eco-friendly paint from the Earth, Hand-crafted in Oregon, USA.

Thank You, Leah Fanning  Natural Earth Paint uses natural earth and mineral pigments and organic ingredients to make completely safe, sustainable, and beautiful art supplies for children and fine artists. Earth pigments are clay and mineral earth prevalent in native soils all over the world.

By leaving out the preservatives, heavy metal toxins, solvents, synthetics, additives and fillers, our products are of the highest quality - pure, radiant and the most archival and durable paints available. - Leah Fanning






We have a new friend in Oregon. She is a professional artist, mom and environmentalist. Leah began making natural paints and eliminated all toxins from her studio in 2009, immediately after becoming pregnant with her first son Django. Natural Earth Paints, was born a few years later with only two products: the Children’s Earth Paint Kit and the Earth Oil Paint Kit and production took place in one small room of their home. “It is amazing what can get started in a living room.” “Thank You, Leah Fanning” and “Welcome to the Jemslylove family
— Sharon & Jordyn