Re-new + Re-cycle + Re-purpose = Resilience

What products do we offer.

 We could source products from anywhere and anyone. We could drop-ship everything without never really knowing where it came from. But, we choose to search for those products and services that meet or exceed what we have established for ourselves. We have specific goals, criteria and standards for our designs and any products that we plan to develop and distribute. We have found many resources and intend on adding to our selection on a regular basis. We have already started negotiations and our excited by the vast selection of items and products we plan to offer in the future.

We Pre-Sell all of our products.

  • This allows for less waste, less cost of production.

  • Bulk purchases allow for a consistent, quality product.

  • Reduced need to store items long-term on site, thus reducing our costs. 

  • Most of our designs have been created for a purpose. Pre-selling allows us to create special limited-time offerings for specific Fundraising and Awareness Projects. 

  • We have excepted a few projects for local businesses and non-profits that support our vision and wish to offer their employees or volunteers our USA made, Environmentally-People friendly printed organic cotton Tees specific for work or an event. One-on one consultation is required. Contact us More details coming soon! 

  • We will offer any Overstock or extras of our original designs on a yearly basis. Each description will share quantities we have available.

We have only begun with Organic T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank-tops, etc. 

Our future fabric offerings will include Bamboo and Hemp.

Products include: Pillows, Leggings, Scarves, reusable bags, recyclable gift bags, outdoor gear and home goods for the bed, bath, and kitchen.

We have a few items we have designed ourselves. From the idea to manufacturing to marketing to fulfillment to distribution.

Local is where I am standing..

  • Within the USA. We like going directly to the source We look for the individual, the manufacturer, the farmer, the workshop. American sourced materials. We actually have visited in person, spoken on the phone, or via video chat. This has be fun, we have been creating some lasting relationships, even when we decide NOT to do business together.
  • Outside the US we strive to establish relationships with US-based vendors and suppliers that support Fair-Trade and Fair-Wage practices. NOTHING LESS!

Our product descriptions are extremely detailed.

Why create a "direct connection or relationship" with our suppliers and customers?

  • We DO NOT sell JEMSLYlove designs or products we create via other e-Commerce marketplaces.
  • We have created our own online platform, our future goal is to offer personalized design & marketing services.
  • We may at times offer products that offer us an affiliate commission. We will have these marked clearly in product descriptions.

We do enjoy attending auctions. We will be selling our "Auction Finds" right here on our website and others may be found on E-Bay.

FYI: "Our Auction finds" page will be coming soon. We are working on pictures and descriptions of Jewelry we have acquired. Sign up for our newsletter for updates.

We maintain control of

  1. Quality: We inspect everything we make prior to shipping
  2. Fulfillment: We like to personally place orders "in one bag or box" and ship directly to you.
  3. Shipping: The recycled poly bag used to ship to you has a convenient second strip of adhesive. Re-use use the same bag to return items to us.
  4. Returns. Please contact us if you ever have a problem or concern. 

 See more details about Legal Stuff as we update our FAQ page, Terms and Privacy, Shipping & Return Policy pages. We are currently creating these pages Thank you for your patience.

Our crazy Goals and Aspirations:

  • Offer our services for fundraising efforts
  • A mobile "tiny house" to attend events.
  • Move out of our living room
  • Restore an old barn: Creating our Home Base: Service, Fulfillment and Distribution location in northeast PA. Powered by Solar or Wind. Servicing customers residing in the Pennsylvania, and the Southern Tier of New York and west.
  • Future goals include creating copies of our "home base" by restoring more old barns fitting them with sustainable power to create service, fulfillment and distribution locations in the Hudson Valley in New York State and Mid-Coast, Maine
  • Establish an organic herb & vegetable gardens at each location for employees and families to tend for themselves and donate what we grown to local food banks.
  • Offer our original designs printed on various products wholesale to our partners.

Plus, We have more ideas. Visit our online merchantile.. or return to our homepage