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JEMSLYlove at Backyard Ice Cream Vendor Event

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Come meet US!

We will have samples of organic cotton fabric from Texas. 

We are just starting out and decided to start attending some local events In PA and NY.

Are you are chemical sensitive? Have you tried to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals by eating organic food? Have you started to realize what is in the products you put on your sin?

WE WILL NOT BE BRINGING ANY of our JEMSLY Treasures to this event. We will be at JIMAYS FLEA MARKET the following Day. JEMSLY Treasures is our collection of ANTIQUES, VINTAGE JEWELRY and a slew of other gently used and new items that we are finding new homes for. Your purchase will help us rebulld our life and help us to expand our business..

  • GO here to see what we have. If you cant get to the page..Please be patient we are currently adding to it.. 
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Come on down and see us!!

Posted by Backyard Ice Cream on Monday, July 23, 2018

JEMSLYlove ANNOUNCEMENT: We have New Friends in Texas.

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We have new friends in TEXAS...Yes, We do.. 

A few years ago. I set out on a journey. "Healing". Prior to knowing what was making me ill. I decided to make changes. One of the best things I decided to do was attempt to remove the chemicals from our food and home that could be affecting our health. This included what we put on our skin, hair, and what we used to clean with, etc I haven't completed this goal. We are still working on it.

So, when I set out to print our designs. I looked for people-friendly and eco-friendly inks and I would say

"I really want our T-shirts to be "Made in the USA" with cotton grown organically." "I want to be able to trace the path of our Tees from the cotton on the farm to our customers "

It seemed to be a huge goal. I wanted   "Farm to Fashion" or "Dirt to Shirt". I would smile as people would usually give me a blank stare and encourage me with a "Good Luck with that!" 

Well, today I am so excited to introduce you to our new friends in Texas, The Oldham Family will be providing us with the T-shirts and other products. 

"Organic Cotton Grown in Samnorwood, Texas

They have been certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture since 1992

Thank you Gary and Family for your courage and dedication to creating just the tee I was looking for. Thank you for excepting us to share your products.

We will be adding them to our "Shop" in the very near future. I just couldn't wait to share.

Meet the Oldham Family and Watch The production of an organic cotton T-shirt showing the processes of farming, ginning, knitting and sewing. Then shipped to us, I still can't believe it.

The process is quite interesting. Great music choice, if you ask me.

Video shared with permission from Gary Oldham