Developing Our Story..

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Hey Hey! I love love love this picture of us. Jordyn wanted it to be on the website so we put it on the page that shares OUR STORY. Learn  a little more about us.

**Personal Note***

I spent the morning creating a few videos to post on this blog. Then it happened.. Da da DAHHH... while transferring to the computer I proceeded to delete them. It was an accident.

Needless to say "I was a lil' upset.." Ok.. A LOT upset! But then..I thought "Oh well, I was nervous about creating them and there has to be a reason this happened?"

When Jordyn got home from school.. I told her what I did. Her response....

"Mom, Even the people at Apple make mistakes!" "Just think of them as practice!" "They will be better next time!" 

I was speechless.. It's weird when you hear your own words of compassion and support coming out of your child's mouth! SOOOO.... I will try again. I find it easier to talk into my phone when I have an idea for a design or something I want to chat about. My memory isn't the best thanks to this darn illness. So, I make a google doc that turns my voice into text, its pretty cool, plus I can edit it later. That is how I built most of the website. 

Some of you may be wondering...WHY create a video in the first place?

I would like my Blog/Journal to be more personal. A conversation?  So, I thought I would just make videos. So, I grabbed my morning coffee and went to one of my favorite spots. "My Serenity Space" and starting talking into the phone. It was fun trying this morning...a little weird looking at myself... But, now... I get a do- over! HA!  

In the meantime..Visit our website and read "OUR STORY". 

Listen, I know I have some grammar and spelling errors. I try to fix them when I see them. I have included a comment area, so don't hesitate to use it! Tell me if you find an error, or just share what you think. The hardest part of doing this. It is "fears" I have doing this. Opening up...about my journey, thoughts feelings, etc is most difficult. But, I have taken that leap of faith and can't turn back now!  Jordyn and I look forward to meeting and greeting!

Well, That is it for now. 

Enjoy your day and Talk to ya soon!-Sharon


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