The Woodpeckers

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Good Morning, This morning consisted of my normal routine. I made a fresh pot of coffee, poured myself a cup and headed out to the porch. I enjoy the serenity of the morning hours. This morning I was met with the sound of 3 woodpeckers each creating their own tone of sound while beating their heads against their chosen tree for their morning breakfast that lay hidden beneath the bark. I have heard them before in the morning but this morning they seemed near and my ear was drawn to the pace of their drumming each bird had a distinct sound and rhythm. I thought about taping this drumming orchestra that seemed to be communicating with each other. One would begin their pounding soon after another had finished. I may try to record them another day. As I listened to each take a turn I tried to compare the sounds each created with something I had heard before.  

The first woodpeckers produced a deep hollow sound like hitting a hollow tree with a stick at a quick, yet steady pace. Short , quick spurts of a bass type tone.  Dead wood perfect for bugs

The second woodpecker had a much faster pace producing a solid tone for a longer period of time. Like hitting two 2x4 board together. New ,healthy wood. This bird seemed dedicated to the task and was in a hurry.

The third worked at a much slower pace choosing its blows. The sounds came intermittently like it was calculating its target. Each sound produced seemed dependent upon the location hit. What a patient bird. I could see this beautiful woodpecker scurrying around the tree, looking for its next spot to poke at. The red on its head and its size told me it was a mature bird. I decided I was going to attempt to take a picture. I snuck back in the house and retrieved my camera, returning to the porch and finding silence. They had all left.

I began to think about what I had just heard and witnessed. I found humor in the simple process of banging their heads against a tree. In many ways, I can relate to that. I wonder if they get headaches or get dizzy? I guess to them that was not important since they were all hopeful for the same result, to simply find a bug and have breakfast.

I love nature. I enjoy the experiences I have as I take a walk or sit on the porch outside for just a few minutes. I learn from each outing and most I can compare to moments in my life.

I truly believe that nature nurtures nature.

Thanks for strolling with me this morning. Enjoy Your day!


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