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We have aquired our first samples of organic cotton tees and started attending a few local events. I wish I could say “THE CROWD WENT WILD!” but the interest level and compliments were enough to make us “FEEL GREAT” about what we are doing. We had a few orders and we are planning our next events.


Take a walk with me

Sharon’s Journal

“Our mission was simple. Seek the alternatives available to create safe, functional apparel and home goods made from sustainable organic fabrics complimented with creative decoration using NO harmful inks or toxic chemicals. Safe for people, home and environment. The commitment begins in house and extends to those who partner with us. It starts with sharing the benefits of Organic Cotton and Hemp fabrics. Grown, Sewn, and Decorated within the USA. Due to limited supply we may need to source fabrics from outside the US. Rest assured that we are dedicated to finding Organic farms verified Fair Trade, Fair Wage. No sweatshop labor. Let’s create safe, healthy, happy homes and world together. ” Love, Sharon


It has been an interesting journey and maintaining my health has been foremost on my mind. I have decided to do a few things that will assist me. I have been enjoying my morning routine, 15-30mins of gentle yoga followed by a stroll in the woods. I have tried to stay consistent, at least 2-3 days a week. I began taking pictures of the plants, mushrooms, chipmunks, deer, birds (those silly woodpeckers) anything that crossed my path. I found myself coming back to the house and trying to identify the plants and mushrooms. We have some pretty neat things growing in our woods. I found a couple classes that I wish to attend. I will share more in coming days but I want you to know I will be asking for your help.

How did the news and all of the pictures about what happened on 9/11 affect you? I shed tears with every story. I come from a family of volunteer, first responders, so I have a tender spot every time I hear a siren blow. When someone leaves a hot meal that is sitting on their dining room table, kiss their families and walk out their door to go assist someone in need. Just think about that for a minute. Could you do it? Could you put yourself in harms way to help another? If you answer Yea then volunteer. There is such a shortage of those who do. Police, Fire and Military Personnel do this because they answer an inner calling to serve others. Unselfish acts, consider the moment that you or a family member needed help and nobody showed up. I will admit it is hard to trust and feel safe after an attack such as 9/11. We can’t let fear and judgement stand in the way of having a true America. Consider a “Random Act of Kindness” when you see someone in need of a pick-me-up. Just try it. It feels good! It will be in those moments when we stand up and act that the fear begins to fade and the truth about what it means to stand on the soil of this planet shines. That’s right, there is a bigger picture, we ALL reside on one planet, so consider extending that kindness, expect nothing and the return may surprise you.

There have been many things happening in our local community lately, natural disasters, like, the flooding, which has affected many people and businesses just down the road a few miles. We donated a bunch of clothes, but, my heart wants to do more. I often think. If I had a printer we could do a fundraiser. If I had a printer I could …. Well, I decided I don’t need to print one word or picture on a shirt to do something that could help others. I am throwing around a few ideas so if any of you wish to participate. Contact me!

I still wish for the printer, a goal that would open up the option of us adding that service. I can wait, it will happen if it is meant to be. I have many other things I wish to do.

We have a couple new products on our website

Natural Earth Paint & Natural Face Paint

Non-toxic, eco-friendly paint from the Earth, Hand-crafted in Oregon, USA.

Thank You, Leah Fanning I am looking forward to painting with Jordyn in the near future.

Leah is a professional painter, mom and environmental activist. I contacted her about her Natural Earth Paint when I learned She is committed to an eco-friendly business model just like us. Her company has earned the prestigious Gold certification from Green America - the highest rank for a green business.

I am excited to announce that we now offer Leah’s products on jemslylove.

Natural Earth Paint uses natural earth and mineral pigments and organic ingredients to make completely safe, sustainable, and beautiful art supplies for children and fine artists. Earth pigments are clay and mineral earth prevalent in native soils all over the world.

By leaving out the preservatives, heavy metal toxins, solvents, synthetics, additives and fillers, our products are of the highest quality - pure, radiant and the most archival and durable paints available. - Leah Fanning


Most of you know that I took a “ALTERNATE ROUTE” to assist me to heal. I spent a lot of time researching food, and herbs. I enjoy tea so that became my way of treating myself. I fell in love with the plants and began growing a few of my own. I guess that is why I have a developed a strong desire to homestead and farm. I began the search for where I could learn more. I bought the books and began to teach myself. I am a hands-on learner. I found myself with the knowledge but still lacked the skill and confidence to apply it. Plus, I wanted to assist others on their journey. I am not a doctor and I was afraid to share what I did and the herbs I used for various reasons. So, I located various locations in the northeast. Most seemed so far away. When I finally decided that a structured education was required. I wanted to learn more. I found a few wonderful schools online and tried them. Long story short, I decided on The Herbal Academy an online program that filled all of what I had been looking for.

I started with there FREE mini course entitled Becoming an Herbalist. I shared a link below. I enjoyed it very much. It gave me all of the information I needed and I learned about the legalities involved with helping others. I have decided to continue my education. I have started the INTRODUCTORY HERBAL COURSE. If you have any interest in plants (herbs) I encourage you to take a look at the classes and curriculum they offer Learn more about the FREE Becoming an Herbalist Mini course.

Enroll in the FREE Becoming an Herbalist Mini Course and discover your herbal path
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