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Every month or so we create a special design for a special project. We give back a portion of the profits to a person, family that is in need or we support a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. I know it makes me feel good when my purchase gives back! We will keep you updated. The “I believe in Random Acts of Kindness” Daisy design was created by me, Sharon. Daisies hold a special place in my heart. When I was little, I lived just 100 yards from my grandparents house. So, when I wanted to go see grandma all I had to do was walk up the little hill. Along the way, I would pick the flowers the grew randomly along my path. The handful of flowers usually consisted of daisies. Sometimes, it would take me an hour to pick the daisies and wander that 100 yards up the hill. I could see grandma patiently watching me from her kitchen window. By the time I got to her she always acted surprised and told me how kind I was to think of her. She would giggle and always have a pair of scissors near by, Ya see sometimes I couldn’t get the stems to snap so I would pull the whole flower out of the ground and bring her the flowers with roots and all. While I was taking the pictures of the daisies for this design. I noticed that one of the flowers seemed to be reaching out to assist the bud next to it. If you look closely at the design I tried to capture that moment.

I have printed this design on Organic Cotton Tees & Totes. I chose this brand because they return 1% environmental projects. I also placed a daisy on a coffee mug that you can customize and add your name or a friends name too. Create a personalized gift for birthdays, grandma day, or mom’s day.

The Photo that inspired the Art

The Photo that inspired the Art


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We believe in Random Acts of Kindness

'Daisies' 15 oz Coffee Mug
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