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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions will be updated.

  1. Our designs are all original artwork. We will not replicate. We respect other artists and believe in copyright laws.

  2. We PRE-SELL almost all of our items during a specific time frame. "Limited Time ONLY" This will be clearly marked on our product descriptions.

  3. ALL orders will be collected at THE END of the established Limited Time Offer window to purchase.

  4. PLEASE allow 3-4 weeks for delivery from the end of each Campaign.

  5. As a courtesy we may host a PICK UP LOCATIONS to assist our local customers with shipping cost and will notify you of any changes about these events only if you provide an email or other contact information at the time of purchase.

  6. Pick up locations are a courtesy and those businesses, people, non profits, Anyone who allows us to create a PICK UP location will be treated respectfully. We will discontinue this courtesy service if ANY problems arise.

  7. Pick up locations will be listed on this website see Jemslylove Events

  8. We may at times run a Jemslylove Act of Kindness Campaign twice depending on the feedback from our customers. All orders from the 2nd offering will ship at the end of the 2nd offer.

  9. We inspect, pack and ship every order received via our eCommerce platform. SEE Shipping and Returns Page for details We will not ship incomplete orders. We will not ship already damaged items. We will not pay for returns. Damages should be reported to USPS, Fed-Ex or the shipping provider chosen.

  10. We provide detailed descriptions of our products, and sources. We will update our FAQs page as needed.


Jemslylove Inner Circle is a private group. We are currently developing. We will update as we progress. There will be no advertising of products or services within this group. If anyone becomes unable to be respectful to another member of the group or anyone contributing to the group or anyone within the family. They will be removed from the group. I will not tolerate bullying, abusive language or gossip in this group. Thank You Sharon


Privacy Policy

We will never share or sell your email or any other information shared with us without your consent. We do not share our list for any reason. If you receive any communication from a 3rd party or from anyone representing this website, or contributors to this website. Please report as SPAM. Our newsletter will be clearly marked from -------@jemslylove,com As for any other personal or business related correspondence it will be from You may unsubscribe from our list at any time. A link is provided on every email we send to you.