Re-new + Re-cycle + Re-purpose = Resilience

What are we reading?

I have always enjoyed certain magazines but I love a good... "How to" or "DIY book" that teaches me something. I have always tried to encourage Jordyn to read. She of course enjoys an E-book. While I still enjoy having the book in my hand and actually turning the pages.  I usually have one or two books at various stages of completion throughout the house. When I find something I want Tom to read I leave it on top of the pile of reading material in the bathroom. I know that is sneaky but guess what.... it works!

When I became ill I began reading about Lyme Disease and all the Tick Borne Diseases online and purchased 2 books that became my go to resources from the beginning. Reading them, well It was difficult. I had to keep a dictionary and thesaurus nearby because the content was written for doctors to understand. I became frustrated often when I could not remember where I left off and most of the pages looked completely new. The only way I knew I had read them was because of my handwritten notes were in the margins or underlined sentences. Sometimes I didn't remember making those notations. For quite a while my memory retention was gone. I repeated myself often and became frustrated.

For a period of time, I would read myself to sleep. When I woke I probably would read the same paragraph three to four times.  I began to break down the content and focused on natural ways of assisting myself to heal. I started with the food each of the 2 books suggested that should be removed from the diet. Then I wanted to learn more about reducing inflammation. Then I compared each treatment plan.  

I have found some wonderful books since then that help me decide what to include in my diet and what I may want to omit. 

 I have learned about cooking with herbs. Simply adding those seasonings found right in our spice racks that many may not know actually have medicinal qualities. 

What vegetables have the vitamins & minerals that my body may need ? I have been attracted to books about farming, growing my own herbs. From preparing soils from Vermiculture. (aka worms) to composting.

 As I read and applied what I learned. I noticed my memory and retention improved. From the beginning It was important for me to allow my body to fight this. I am looking for every way possible to support it.

You will ALWAYS find my Bible and Journal on my nightstand for my evening time with God. You will also find the latest book or devotional written by a fellow believer. 

First, We plan to offer the books I utilized to create my own protocols to heal. Then expand to others.

ONE IDEA we have been exploring is to be able to GIVE BACK by utilizing our 10% back pledge to fund purchasing books and resources for people who may not be able to get them on there own.

Two IDEA create A random act of Kindness for people to get these books for free from us. Of course giving them to people who will use them to find thier own way to heal.

I don't know how to do it..But, I believe the how will reveal itself. We are still throwing around ideas 

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