Welcome to our very first 2018 Raise Awareness- Random Act of Kindness Campaign

This one is personal "Resilient by Nature" 

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Spring is on its way ... 

At least I think it is? 

May is Lyme Disease Awareness month and since this illness has been my catalyst for change, and BIG change in my family. We have chosen to create a design that has special meaning for us. But first, we introduce ourselves and share our story on our page entitled  What You need to know about Lyme Disease 

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The story behind our "Resilient by Nature" design. 

It is now 2018.

Getting sick was my catalyst for change. A hard and humbling experience. As I continue to maintain my health. I wanted to find a way to reach out to others that were struggling and support them. I wanted to start a conversation with those who were unaware.  Jordyn and I have been developing our gifts. We decided to print the following design on fabric. BUT not just ANY fabric and not just ANY ink.

My Inspiration for this design.

My Inspiration for this design.

Our goal was to find like-minded USA based companies that have chosen to remove the toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing of their products. We have sourced fabric and print suppliers that chose environmentally and people friendly inks and dyes used for print applications. We extended our goal to our packaging for shipment. More details are below

WITH EVERY DESIGN WE CREATE: Our desire is to use it to give back to others who struggle with healing by providing resources. Support our local community programs that assisted us and support organizations and groups across this United States that have inspired us with their courage, faith, RESILIENCE, and commit to pay forward and assist others. Our ideas are still forming. Jordyn and I have decided to contribute to our local programs that provide food and other services that assisted us. We also have a goal to be able to purchase the books that aided me in my recovery and distribute them to those who may not be able to afford them on their own.  We will keep you updated. 

Inspired by and created with the photograph I took (shown above).

Thomas, Jordyn and my mom have stood beside me through it all. We worked together and we found help. There patience and encouragement allowed me to learn how to maintain my body and my mind it took trial and error, patience and a whole lotta love. I dedicate this design to them.

Jemslylove will distribute a minimum of 10% from any purchase. That means you can help us help others.

Details in product descriptions.

We did our best to provide the best prices for shipping rates directly to you.

We knew we could do better. We hope this helps.

Orders made online by Fri, May11th can choose to PICK UP there order. Fee of $2.00 per order will be applied at checkout to assist us with our shipping costs. Wish we could do this for free but we can't! 

More Details are available on our Jemslylove Events page. Opens in new window..We will have a confirmed date very soon.

Just choose  PICK UP AT RED ROCK BBQ during the checkout process. The $2.00 fee will be applied.


Please help us spread awareness about Lyme and other Tick-Related Diseases. Thank You

We are now OPEN and taking ORDERS UNTIL May 11th, 2018 at midnight.

Learn more about our Tees, Bags & Totes and other products

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Our Products



Organic Cotton is sourced from farms within the USA then processed, milled and sewn in the USA. 

Some Hemp and organic cotton may be sourced from companies with established Fair Trade, Fair Labor and Wage Agreements.
No sweatshop or child labor

As we introduce a new product we will share the details in its description. 

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Our Inks & Dyes



CPSIA – TESTING FOR PHTHALATES, LEAD AND OTHER HARMFUL CHEMICALS The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) requires testing of printed garments for children 12 years of age and under.  

We only use Water based inks for printing ALL of our designs that meet or exceed the CPSIA standards for health safety. 

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Fulfill & Ship


 Packaging: ONLY Eco-friendly, recycled, made in the USA and reusable for returns.

Fulfillment: We package your order   

 SHIPPING: We maintain the opportunity to personally deliver to events within a reasonable distance from our home. Individual orders: We use USPS for our shipments. 



Give 10% Back

Distributed to various programs that provide food that assisted us. 

 Purchase the books that aided me in my recovery and distribute them to those who may not be able to get them on their own.

MORE DETAILS and other ideas





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