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Hello Everyone, Below is the link to sign up for this course.

I want everyone to know up front that if you decide to sign up through the link below that I will receive a small commission. I apply this commission to continue my own studies. If Thank You for your support.

I have included a brief introduction about myself and why I recommend this course as an introduction to learning about introducing plants into your life.

The Making Herbal Preparations 101 Mini Course is only available for free registration through July 31, 2019. Course registration will close after this date. Choose to enroll in the online course by itself or you may upgrade and receive an incredibly practical laminated recipe and herbal preparation tutorial guides with your registration!

About me.. .Sharon.

I started my journey with plants quite a few years ago. I was looking for a way to eat healthier. I realized that what I ate had a lot to do with how I felt, stamina and my pain levels. I am talking about various fruits and vegetables that I thought were good for me but after I started a journal about how I felt after eating certain items. I realized that what was good for me and my body may not be good for others. We are each different. That is why I don’t suggest herbal remedies to anyone. I do suggest that people have an alternative and that they have the opportunity to learn about plants and what they could do for them.

When it came to food, I realized what I could and could not eat. Pre-packaged items were the worst on my list. This all came to light in a big way, when I was bitten by a tick for the first time in 2010. I went through the initial antibiotics and altered my diet even more. I will say it helped but it wasn’t enough. In 2015, I was clinically diagnosed then later confirmed to have the bacterium Borrelia Burgdorferi or lyme disease, Bartonella, Ehrlichiosis/Anaplasmosis Mycoplasma and Babesia a malaria-like parasite

My Lyme-literate physician strongly suggested that I have a IV-port put in my chest and that I would need stronger and larger doses of liquid antibiotics. I thought about it then began my own research and within a day I refused this treatment plan. I went my own path guided by my instinct, symptoms and prayer.

Now there is a whole lot more involved but my primary goal was to find ways to improve my immune system to fight off these bacteria that had taken up residence in my body. I realized that an IV- antibiotic treatment would also destroy any good bacteria in my body and affect my working immune system and all my organs that were working just fine. Man-made antibiotics do have there place and I did use them on occasion but I also knew the side affects may cause other issues. The cool thing was I found plants that can be considered “natural antibiotics” and I now include them in my diet on a weekly basis.

For my personal treatment plan I decided I needed to do 3 things

  1. Support my immune system

  2. Support my organs so they could do they job they were created to do for my body.

  3. Reduce my inflammation

I altered my diet significantly and I turned to the spices in my cabinet and tea.. Yes, really I found various herbal tea blends. I was picky with the brands I chose I found ONLY organically grown blends of herbs.

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That was when my interest in plants grew. I started researching the plants that were in these tea blends and began to connect the dots. This led to identifying the plants, mushrooms and trees growing in my yard. I took my camera and well I started learning what could potentially be useful for me. I just needed to learn how to prepare them for me. That was when I found various herbalist and eventually this free introductory course. This course was a little different back then. So much so, that I am considering taking it again. Primarily, it solidified my belief that plants (herbs) have qualities that I needed to explore. I just had to get to know these plants and learn how to prep them for my own personal use. If that is what you are interested in.. This class is a great place to start.

Take a look below and register for this free class. Register below The class starts August 1st.

Below I have shared the details about the MAKING HERBAL PREPARATIONS 101 MINI COURSE and the opportunities offered at The Herbal Academy.

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The Making Herbal Preparations 101 Mini Course is designed to bring the world of herbs right into your kitchen where you can get hands-on with the herbs while filling your herbal toolkit and knowledge base at the same time!

In this course, you will learn about basic herbal preparations—what they are, why they work the way that they do, when to use them, and of course, how to make them. This course covers four categories of herbal preparations, from water- and sweet-based preparations to alcohol- and oil-based preparations, and offers detailed, step-by-step video tutorials for each of these common preparations for everyday use.

You’ll also learn about 12 everyday herbs that are safe for most people to use. We’ll build on these basics, equipping you with 33 recipes using the herbs and preparations discussed in this course. By the end of these 7 lessons, you’ll walk away with the know-how to make and use these basic preparations and recipes, from teas and tinctures to salves and oils, as a part of your wellness approach!

Upgrade with Herbal Preparations Recipe and Tutorial Guides!

We are making it easy to bring your studies right into the kitchen with these mess-friendly, durable, and incredibly practical laminated recipe and tutorial guides. We’ve compiled the essential hands-on information from all of the lessons in this program into beautifully convenient guides so you can work offline and in your kitchen, practicing your herbalist skills!

Upgrade your order with the charts when you sign up!



  • Thoughtful lessons that will teach to you how to safely create herbal preparations

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  • Intended to be a mini course, you will have online access for 3 months after starting your course


  • Upgrade with our very useful and practical laminated recipe and tutorial guides to easily bring your course materials into the kitchen!


  • Each lesson is complete with activities and checklists to help guide you in your path to becoming an herbalist


  • Helpful study aids, tools, and charts are available for download


  • An extensive list of online resources and books encourage further learning


  • We’re covering the basic herbal preparations via video so you can see first-hand how to make these creations


  • All lessons are available for download and print for your continued use


  • Receive a badge in your Student Dashboard with your course completion



Herbal Preparations 101 Course by Herbal Academy - GENERAL HERBS – soothing-herbs-1.jpg

Lesson 1 explores how herbs can help us on an everyday basis with some of our most common complaints. It begins with a brief overview of each herbal preparation category that will be covered in more detail later in the course as well as the various solvents that are used in these preparations.


Lesson 2 takes us deeper into the world of herbs. It covers some foundational principles regarding herbal safety including the various safety categories of herbs, introduces 12 nutritious herbs that are safe for most people, and discusses how these herbs can be used in a variety of ways for everyday situations!


Lesson 3 kicks off our first herbal preparation category—water-based herbal preparations. This lesson explores water as a solvent and discusses two of the most common types of water-based herbal preparations: infusions and decoctions. It takes a look at the various ways these preparations can be made, walking you through making them from start to finish as well as touching on shelf life considerations and suggested dosages.

infusion and herbs.jpg


Lesson 4 looks into our next herbal preparation category—sweet-based herbal preparations. This lesson explores various sweet solvents, such as honey and glycerine, and discuss two common sweet-based preparations: infused honey and glycerites. It offers detailed tutorials on making each of these preparations, and takes a look at the shelf life and suggested dosages for each.


Lesson 5 investigates another herbal preparation category—alcohol-based herbal preparations. This lesson explores alcohol as a solvent and introduces two common alcohol-based preparations—tinctures and liniments. It explores the extraction process for these preparations, provides detailed steps for making each of these preparations, and discusses shelf life considerations and suggested dosages.


Lesson 6 introduces the last herbal preparation category of our course—oil-based herbal preparations. It begins by looking into how oil extracts herbal constituents from plants, and then explores two common oil-based preparations: infused oils and salves. Tutorials walk you through how to make each preparation from scratch, and the lesson discusses preparation shelf life and suggested dosages.


Lesson 7 takes all you’ve learned in this mini course and allows you to apply it with 33 recipes, many featuring the 12 nutritional herbs detailed in this course, that you can use for common conditions. These recipes will not only give you practice in making the herbal preparations you’ve learned about in this course, they will also help you to stock your herbal toolkit and give you some experience using herbs in everyday situations.

By the end of the Making Herbal Preparations 101 Mini Course, you will feel more confident in exploring herbal recipes on your own. You will also build a great beginner’s understanding of 12 herbs that you can incorporate into everyday use! Join us for class, and we’re certain you’ll be making herbal preparations at home in no time!

Don’t delay! Register for this online course while it’s offered for FREE! The Making Herbal Preparations 101 Mini Course is only available for registration for 10 days through July 31st and will not be available again until 2020.

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